You can do anything you set your mind to!  I honestly believe that.

Recently I’ve developed and grown musically in directions I never thought I’d take, like singing jazz, song writing, recording and producing on a label I co-own with my song writing partner, Trev. Have a listen 

I started playing cello in a middle school in Texas and I’ve never looked back.  I’m so thankful that my school had an orchestra program.  I’ve realized over the years how special this program was, as there are most schools in the US, and even around the world, that have nothing like it.  I majored in it in college and have a music teaching certificate from Texas and have spent the last 20 or so years starting and building orchestra programs in schools in many different places like Paris, Spain, Gibraltar, Northern Virginia, Texas and  NYC.

I’ve performed in countless ensembles, halls, for events, etc.  Some of my favorites have included playing cello for the UNESCO Orchestra in Paris, playing in La Madeleine Cathedral in Paris, playing in a French orchestra, singing and playing cello to jazz standards in various venues in Spain, playing in the Kennedy Center in an orchestra, taking a group of students to perform at the White House, performing at the Moscow Conservatory, performing in an orchestra at DisneyWorld for two entire summers, singing in venues in NYC, performing solo cello to original Flamenco music with talented dancers, playing violin and singing in a Django style band, and so on.  As I continue to perform and grow as a musician, I love sharing with others as well, and that includes with my students, by teaching them the skills and giving them opportunities that will enrich their lives forever.

My song writing partner, Trev, and I after a gig we played at in Gibraltar.