The Cello Fairey

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Practicing and Training Your Brain

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So I’ve had a lot of time to think about how to speak with my students, as well as their parents, about the many benefits of playing an instrument.  Over the many years of my teaching career, I have had to find ways to recruit new students.  Then the challenge is to inspire them and […]

Samples of Vocal and Cello Solo for All Events

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Visit here for audio samples of vocal and cello solo for all events.    

Video Blog

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LOVE SONG – The Cure/Adele Cover I recorded this recently with a friend of mine who is a fantastic sound engineer and guitar player.  I added some pretty backing vocals to give a little bit more texture and interest.   STARDUST – Hoagy Carmichael One of my favorite recordings – Stardust.  My BFF, Trevor Barker, […]

Lisa Fairey

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*Singer             *Songwriter            *Cellist           *School Orchestra Teacher I can’t and don’t want to ever imagine my life without music.  Every part of my life is better with it, and better because of it.  It’s not enough to just play cello which I […]