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Yes, I know, stick to the beach theme…  And yet as I write this all out, we’re back in the same place, just a different setting.  And while beach is associated with fun and laughter and good times, this may seem like it kind of doesn’t fit.  But it does.  Don’t we go to the beach to escape?  Or for healing?  Or in search for something that is missing?  Maybe that is why I, along with so many others, are so drawn to it.  Because of that longing to be connected, to forget about your worries, and just relish in the moment of being alive. 

In my darkest hours, I’ve walked along the beach all those times I’ve not known how to make it through the day.  Even just looking at the water and the sand, listening to them speak to my heart, always comforted me.   

Some of my most difficult moments were spent at the beach.  It’s a very calming place which I’m sure is why it’s intoxicating and demands the attention of so many people.  They say you are a water person or a mountain person.  I don’t know how much I believe that because I think I’m just an earth person!  What do you think?  What are you and what do you associate with?  One or the other or both??

Anyway, this song is about the same damn problems that surface over and over again.  Why?  I rack my brain.  I try to be mindful and meditate and be aware of my thoughts.  I try so hard to live my best and do right.  And it seems that other people don’t have the same issues, yet make strides from being dishonest and/or unethical.  Why is that?  Some say it’s energy.  I guess that could be valid.  What you think is the reality you create whether or not you are a good person.  Some say it’s your paradyme; that what you were brought up believing/trained to think is what you will end up believing/think.  Some say it’s destiny or “God’s Plan”.  Which I suppose could be considered valid, except it doesn’t answer why people in places like Libya are still sold as slaves, or why young girls are forced into prostitution in Malaysia and other places.  How is THAT “God’s Plan”? 

And then there is a whole other belief that each individual is actually God, where you have the ability to create your own life.  Though that goes back to energy and how you attract that which you think.  And then still there is the belief that we are reincarnated and that our previous self had unresolved issues, so until we resolve them, we will continue the same patterns, hence the “old soul” vs the “young soul”.  I don’t know, but I do lean towards certain beliefs.  What do you think?  It certainly is a lot to ponder and I really love talking about this.  Anyway, we’re at the beach, sipping a pitcher of Sangria, chatting with our best friends, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on our skin and listening to the waves crash against the shore, so really, we can ponder anything… and everything… and we should…

If you were at the beach right now, what would you ponder over?
Tomorrow I’ll share with you the most special gift I was ever given – by Trev…  



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As I was putting this together, I came across a TED talk video on Facebook in which speaker discusses “bad emotions”.  I find it very relevant to music and really art in general.  It’s quite a tragedy that music and the arts are not valued as much as they should be.  Being human is not only to think, but to feel and express ourselves.  I think so many problems could be overcome if we had an appropriate aka artistic outlet for our emotions.  Getting off soap box now.  And here’s the link to the TED Talk.   

On another note, part of being able to write a good song is to understand how to recognize and play one.  When I first moved to NYC, I thought about joining a band.  So I found a couple guys who were looking for a back up singer and this was one of the songs we were working on.  I’d actually not heard this song before – yes, I lived a bit sheltered from the pop music scene – so it was good learning this tune.  This one lends itself so well to back up vocals.  I’m actually not so crazy about this particular version that I uploaded to YouTube, as I was still learning the song, so there are some things that aren’t really right, but I did record it better as an MP3.  I’ve included that for you, too.  On that recording Trev wrote out the bass notes for me to play, so I bought an electric bass and recorded that part, too.  If you know the tune, you will easily be able to tell the difference between these two versions.  Anyway, the updated audio is just below the video.  Hope you enjoy it!  

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