School Orchestra Rocks Catalog of Music

Goblins and Fairies   $30

This is a fantastic piece for the fall, written specifically for a performance held in October to celebrate the Halloween season. It is a piece in D major and D minor and a great teaching tool to learn three additional notes in first position on the D and A strings. My sixth grade orchestra played this and loved it. With this download you will receive exercises that you can use to help teach the music as well as the score and parts. I played this with just violins but you can use the cello and viola parts as well. Written in two parts. Included in this download you will receive the score, parts, audio as below, and the exercises.
It is important to note that all music will be received immediately after payment in the form of a digital download. 



It’s Halloween   $30 

Just written September 2017!  So it’s hot off the presses!  Of course the title says it all.  In the key of D minor it’s a great piece for the fall and for mixed ability levels.  You can use this to sight read or put together pretty quickly for Halloween.  Have fun and perform it at a school assembly or read it in class.  I am using this in my classes with violins only as we don’t have cellos or violas in the school that I currently teach at, simply because it’s a small, but growing program.  So just to mention that it can be played with just two violins.  Included in this download is the Audio of the score, Audio as a backing track (with a rock feel), score, parts and a guitar/chord chart in PDF.  Note that all music will be received immediately after payment in the form of a digital download.  So there is no waiting to receive it!


Ode to Joy Variations

I arranged and used this piece the second half of the first year of a group of 5th grade beginning violin students.  First they learned the melody in D and memorized it with attention to the finger pattern.  Then we just transferred it to the A string (in the key of A) as it is the same fingering.  Then I had them learn it in the key of C, starting on the D string, and learning low 2nd finger.  And then teach the concept of using the same finger pattern, and have them play it in G Major.  This is very helpful for understanding finger patterns in association with keys, and also learning the notes on the staff as it mostly encompasses the D and A string notes.  Once they could do that, then I gave them the variations which has the rhythm changed and includes a section in 3/4 time.  It’s a really fantastic teaching piece and has gone over really well with my 5th grade class of beginning violin students.  Included in this download you will receive the Ode to Joy in the keys of D, A, C, G as well as the Variations which has chords written on a separate violin page for a basic accompaniment.  You will receive copies in treble, alto and bass clef, with everyone on the melody.  If you use this with cellos, they will need to learn second position, or you can change the E on the A string to an octave lower.
It is important to note that all music will be received immediately after payment in the form of a digital download ready for you to print. 


5 Jazz Solos for Violin or Cello $20

Included in the 5 Jazz Solos for Violin or Cello are: All of Me (key of G), Girl from Ipanema (key of Eb), It Had to be You (key of F), Stardust (key of F), The Shadow of Your Smile (key of Eb).  You will receive the solo written for both the violin and the cello (it’s the same solo).  Click here to listen to the Stardust solo.  It will also give you an idea of the quality of the other solos, too.  They are lovely solos for the advanced violin or cello player.


The Sweet Furry Friends Suite $95

Since there are seven pieces in the Suite, if you didn’t want to play them all for one concert, you could play one, two, a few and then use some others as sight reading exercises for festival/judging competitions where there is a sight reading component.  There is a lot of good teaching in each of the movements.
Approximate Grade level 2.5

Included in The Sweet Furry Friends Suite:
Penguins (D Major and A Major, 3/4 and 4/4 time), The Ducklings (C Major, 4/4 time) signature,
The Carnival of Puppies (G major,  4/4 time), Bunny Rabbits (C Major,  3/4 time),
The Kittens (G Major,  3/4 time), Squirrels (D Major,  4/4 time), Busy Beavers (A Major, 2/4 time)

Penguins – A major and D major, 4/4 and 3/4 time signature
The A major section describes the penguins trudging awkwardly to the sea.  Then a jump, splash and dive takes them into the D major 3/4 sea. Where the penguins move easily and melodically. This is great for staccato vs legato notes. Key and time signature changes, accidentals, tremolo, fermata and a little glissando make for great technique teaching and fun learning.
2:30 minutes

Bunny Rabbits – C Major, 3/4 time signature
Violin III and viola are the same part. This has a section of eighth notes/rests that the orchestra plays together in unison. Also has a fermata and a rit.
2:30 minutes

The Ducklings – C Major, 4/4 time signature
Written for string orchestra but can be played without viola or bass. Cello/bass parts are in unison. Violins and violas have accidentals (for F# and C#) as well as low 1 for Bb on A string. Violin I also has accidental for G# (high 3).  Cello plays on C, G, D strings.  Basses shift and play up to a high D on the G string.
2:15 minutes

The Carnival of Puppies – G major, 4/4 time signature
You can use the violin 1 and violin 2 parts as solos with the rest of the students on the violin 3/viola part. Or divide them however you like!   Cello and bass are in unison.  Some accidentals for everyone for H3/x4 for G#, and also low 1 for Bb for violin 2.
1:50 minutes

Busy Beavers – A major, 2/4 time signature
Quarter, eighth, half, dotted quarter notes make up the rhythm. It’s a great piece to work on for A major. There are repeat signs, tremolo and some D# accidentals. You can hear the penguins building their dam through the music. Cello/bass is in unison as is violin III and viola.
2:10 minutes

The Kittens – G Major, 3/4 time signature
This is written as a waltz with some two note and three note slurs. Cello/bass and violin III/viola parts are identical.   There is pizzicatto in the middle section, chords written in for a piano/guitar accompaniment, and a few accidentals.   This could be used as a violin solo or duet with the accompaniment.
1:30 minutes.

Squirrels – D major, 4/4 time signature

The upper voices represent the squirrels frolicking in the branches.
The Lower strings represent the trees moving more slowly in the breeze.
2 minutes

You will receive all seven movements, the score and the Mp3’s.   Choose to play one, any combination of the seven or all seven.  They are happy pieces with some different and more complex harmonies, written by a jazz musician, but edited by a string orchestra teacher.  Enjoy ALL SEVEN for only $95.


Canon in D for Beginners $5

This is fantastic by itself or to be used with more advanced players so everyone can play.  Comes with an MP3 accompaniment track so you can walk around the room while the track plays and help adjust position for those who need it.  Start with open strings and when you’re ready, add the left hand.  This is a great warm up, or great for concerts and fits with the original Canon in D by Pachelbel.  Enjoy!

This is the accompaniment track you will receive as an MP3 when you place your order:
(Please note that the string parts are not played in here so it will give you flexibility to vary them as well as use it to play along with in a performance if you prefer.)