Your Eyes


The final song on An Ocean Apart Experience is one of everyone’s favorite and has been referred to as the theme song for a James Bond film!  Trev really knocks it out of the park with the cello solo in here with a lyrical yet rock n roll cello sound.  It’s just so unique and I love it.  I recorded the vocals at a friend’s home studio and we played around with the double voices in the verse.  That was a great technique to learn and I loved the sound, so I kept it in.  It creates an echo effect without using an echo. 

This song is about, well, “your” eyes.  Spoiler alert – I wrote the lyrics while looking in the mirror…  And that’s how this one came to be!  I love that lyrics can have multiple meanings.  The video is made of clips I took of various beaches in Southern Spain and one of the first videos I made.  One in particular was of the view of the villa I used to own.  You could see Gibraltar, and the mountains behind were Morocco.  The video of me playing cello was taken at our 2 bedroom apartment in Harlem, a 5th floor walk up, several months after we moved to NYC from Spain.

If this song was about YOUR eyes, what sea would be referenced?
Til tomorrow… 

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BONUS Content

 Trev wrote such beautiful solos to some of my favorite tunes like Stardust, All of Me, Ain’t Misbehavin, etc, for me to play on the cello.  He still writes pretty much most of the cello solos in our songs, like in this one, Your Eyes.  This YouTube video is a little compilation of  some of the tunes we initially played together, and the first of his cello solos he wrote for me and my early mixing days.  His philosophy on writing is not about the amount of notes you play, but picking all the right ones.  And he does so just brilliantly.  They are just gorgeous on the cello!!!  


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