The Cello Fairy spread her wings and flew far from home in search of adventure, culture, a little bit of mischief, and never-ending fun!

As a little girl, The Cello Fairy loved to sing and dance around her room to her favorite music. While other children played with friends and toys, she was often alone, pushing the buttons on her trusty tape recorder. It was no surprise that when the student orchestra came to visit her elementary school, she was intoxicated by their performance. There was a lovely girl who sat in the front of the orchestra, playing the cello. She looked so happy to play. From that moment, The Cello Fairy knew then that she wanted to play, too. Little did she know to the extent of influence this one event would have on her life.

Joining the orchestra, led by her favorite teacher, Miss Powers, changed her life forever. Her first magical music adventures began in Texas, and continued in wonderful places like Paris, Spain, New York City, Washington DC, China and others, where she met interesting people, experienced and learned so much about life all along the way. It is through this journey that gave rise to The Cello Fairy, who now shares her adventures in her best and most favorite way – through music.

Meet the creator of “The Cello Fairy”