I Like Bein’ Me


This was the first song that Trev and I wrote together, so of course it’s appropriate that we put it first on the EP. We started out arranging our favorite jazz songs, as that’s what we were playing when we were gigging. I had written some songs a year or so before when I first started to sing and play guitar but wanted to expand and learn more, so we decided to write together.

This tune is about the dog we adopted in Spain. He was going to be euthanized, but a friend of mine (who runs a kennel and has rescued over 1000 animals, mostly dogs, but also a pig, cats, bunnies, turtles, birds, etc) reached out and asked if I could foster him. My boys named him before we even saw him and the name fit him perfectly! Since he was also a perfect fit for our family, we ended up adopting him. The song is titled “I Like Bein’ Me” because whenever he’s around, we’re always happy.

Tomorrow I’ll share some special Spanish treats…


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A poem from my 9 year old…

BONUS Content

Trev and I when we first started out.  We were gigging in chiringuitos and various restaurants/venues in Southern Spain.  These clips were taken from one of my favorite chiringuitos, called Floria.

Trev’s Tales (1):

Have you ever heard of the Pete Best Combo?  Trev was in the group way back in the day.  He recorded a few audio clips just for you.  Here’s the first one…