Spain by Isham Jones



We are so thankful that you are here with us, joining us on this one of a kind, totally unique musical journey.  This is just a little peek into what you can expect.  All of the songs that you will receive will be in this format,  and are all written by Trev and I after I moved to NYC.  Trev is British but has lived in Spain for over ten years.  I only lived there for three years, but it was long enough to get a good feel for the culture.  Our music is very much a reflection of our backgrounds mixed with a Spanish flare.  If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like as a foreigner living in Spain, I do think that our music, or at least elements of it, can give you a good idea.

We wanted to start this experience however by sharing with you one of the first tunes we arranged together across the ocean, and was the start of us writing together.  Spain by Isham Jones (same song writer who wrote “It Had to Be You”) is one of my all time favorite songs.  I had never heard it before until Trev had suggested we learn it.  This arrangement is everything that Spain felt to me when I lived there.  

And here we go…



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Trev’s Tales (intro):