You Gave My Heart


Everyone needs someone to believe in them, but as an artist who is already highly sensitive and emotionally led, it can be difficult to see the good in yourself, as was the case for me.  We strive to be excellent and see so many things that need improving, often times ignoring the things we do well.  I’ve been very fortunate in the last few years having some key people who believed in me and really gave me the strength and courage to pursue singing and songwriting.  

In keeping with the theme of the experience, the YouTube video is mostly of Trev and I when we first started out gigging.  We met at an open jam session at a chiringuito called DBlanco in Alcaidesa, and hit it off immediately.  It was about several months later that we formed a duo and started rehearsing a rep of our favorite jazz tunes.  Ok, well mostly it was Trev’s favorite jazz tunes as he knew the books and I knew only a handful of songs!  I really relied on him to guide me in that area.  Anyway, most of the footage in the video was taken from one of our first real gigs where we initially met at DBlanco.  Also included in the video is the gorgeous Spanish villa where I lived, and where Trev and I rehearsed.  Not a bad setting/view!!!  We had a lot of good laughs here while sorting out our equipment and rep.   

This song is dedicated to all of those people who have made a difference in the life of someone just by believing in them… 

Tomorrow is the final day of An Ocean Apart Experience and when you will hear the song about your eyes…


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Another place we played at was a little Irish Bar called The Dubliner in Torreguadiaro, just down the hill from where I lived and a short walk to the beach.  It was a little funny singing these jazz tunes in an Irish bar in Spain, haha, but we loved it and you know, it was a nice vibe for the place owned and run by very lovely people.   Anyway, check it out:



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