Lisa Fairey

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*Singer             *Songwriter            *Cellist           *School Orchestra Teacher

I can’t and don’t want to ever imagine my life without music.  Every part of my life is better with it, and better because of it.  It’s not enough to just play cello which I do love and am currently in an orchestra and do my best to find time to practice.  It’s not enough to teach strings classes, which I do and have a lot of fulfillment playing the violin and sharing that with students.  It’s not just enough to write songs though I absolutely love this way of expression and creative outlet.  And it’s not just enough for me to sing though I love love love to do so and for me is the ultimate happiness.  I need all of it.  It fulfills my intellectual curiosity, is a productive outlet for my emotions, thoughts, feelings, and is a fantastic challenge of physical agility and coordination.  For more about Lisa, click here.  


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