Practicing and Training Your Brain

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So I’ve had a lot of time to think about how to speak with my students, as well as their parents, about the many benefits of playing an instrument.  Over the many years of my teaching career, I have had to find ways to recruit new students.  Then the challenge is to inspire them and motivate them to practice.  As a cellist and an international music educator, my main experience has been teaching the violin, cello, bass, viola, and also trumpet, clarinet and flute.

My classroom:

I know about and have experienced many benefits from playing an instrument.  It’s instant friendship and connection with people of all ages, all cultures, all ethnicities.  This is so important as the world becomes smaller.  It’s learning to communicate in another language.  Music has its own written symbols, specific sounds, interpretation, expression, etc.  It improves focus and attention to detail, nourishes the heart and soul, and is a positive avenue to express your feelings and emotions.  Click here to learn about music and Alzheimer’s disease.  However there is one reason that I haven’t really seen discussed much, but it is just so important.  To me, it is enough of a reason that I encourage my own children to select and play an instrument.

Listen to this…

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