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LOVE SONG – The Cure/Adele Cover

I recorded this recently with a friend of mine who is a fantastic sound engineer and guitar player.  I added some pretty backing vocals to give a little bit more texture and interest.


STARDUST – Hoagy Carmichael

One of my favorite recordings – Stardust.  My BFF, Trevor Barker, wrote the cello solo for me as he does all of my solos.  (Thank you Trev!!)  I was a bit nervous because there was another singer/teacher outside waiting to use the room for a rehearsal!  But we got it done!!  My camera man was one of my 8 year old twin boys…  I think he did a stellar job!


JAZZ COMPILATION – “From Spain to Manhattan for There Will Never Be Another You”

Here is a little compilation of my BFF and I in one of my absolute favorite places to sing our favorite jazz tunes – Floria Chiringuito on Manilva Beach in Spain.  This is soon after I start to sing.  It’s titled “From Spain to Manhattan for There Will Never Be Another You” because I moved to Manhattan from Spain, and well, those are also song titles…


SPAIN – Isham Jones

After I moved to NYC, Trev and I kept in touch and had some fun making arrangements of our favorite tunes that we played together.  One of those tunes was “Spain”.  I LOVE THIS TUNE SO MUCH!!!!  So here is our arrangement of it as well as our own personal photos we took from our adventures there.  Trev wrote my cello notes of course…  So gorgeous!


HURT – Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash

And here’s another cover that is quite popular.  I added backing vocals to this too because I just think it’s another one that lends itself nicely to it.  I didn’t know this tune actually until recently and then I learned it just because it’s so pretty.


WASH AWAY YOU – Lisa Fairey

Here is a song I wrote about my favorite beach bar, Floria Chiringuito.  There was a flood this past year (2016) that destroyed a lot in Southern Spain, one of which was this lovely place.  They have since moved locations and I think are working out permits to rebuild back on the beach.  I so hope so. This place means so much to the community and to me as well.   I play guitar here and sing.


I LIKE BEIN’ ME – Trev and Lisa

Another of my favorites – a tune that Trev and I wrote together called “I Like Bein’ Me (Lovin’ You)”.  I made a little video about our beloved doggie, Cookie, that we brought over to the US from Spain.  He almost wasn’t able to come with us.  That’s a story for another day…



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